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How to define and personalize Signatures in outlook ! enjoy the free lessons Outlook 2017

How to define and personalize Signatures in outlook?

why you need always to add your signatures?

when you are emailing others, sometimes you miss a lot of communications elements, the main ones will be:

  • Introducing yourself.
  • Being thankful.
  • What you are representing.
  •  What languages can you speak with. 

All those can be mentioned within your email content but that will cost time and words, so using this option you will be able to show people how professional you are and it makes others feel confident when they are talking to you. remember always : the people that you used to talk to them only by email, they know who you are only through this window ( emails ), so work on your emails as bad as you want to look good to others! How to activate signature in outlook ?

Step 1 :

There are different ways to activate signatures in outlook, the easiest one will be through new email window, to do this, click on  (new email), as you do when you want to edit a new email  - check the below picture -

Step 2 :

In the ribbon bar, select ( Signatures ),then  the group  will list all the signatures you already have - the below picture mentions that we have already a signature named ( Mine1)- in this case and to use it all what you need to do is clicking on it and then you have it automatically in your email, if you have only one signature, it will be added always to your emails while if you have more than one, you will need to select the signature to you want every time you are editing an email.

Step 3 :

Below the new window that appears when (signatures) is selected, before you edit your signature, select your email at first, especially when you are opening several accounts in your outlook - this window allows you also to reedit the old signatures in our case: you need to click on (new) to create a new signature :

Step 4 :

Give a name to your signature: if you  have different jobs that means you need more than signatures, in this case, try to nominate your signature by  the job you need it for, here it will be easy for you to select the  suitable one each time you need to write an email.

Step 5 :

Editing your signature is the most important step here. try to make it short but very significant; remember the three elements that every signature has to contain, which are:  

  • Introducing yourself.
  • Be thankful.
  • The organization that  you are representing.
  • What languages can you speak with. 

Here a simple example, very brief but so pro!

Once this is done, click ok and save it.

Step 6 :This will be the last step, reclick on (new email) and check out that in every email you open or send it will be always there a unique a personalized signature. 

I hope this will help you edit your signature, if you faced any problem please leave a comment or contact me in private, i will reply to you as soon as i can. 

Enjoy reading.