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Build an amazing Dashboard to follow indicators ! enjoy the free lessons Excel 2017

Genius dashboard for sellers or buyers. 
How to build a very useful dashboard ? 

In this post i wanted to share of of the simple dashboard, that you can put in place to track your indicator, whatever your daily work is, this will be pretty good and very useful for you. 
At the end, you have a quiet clear idea on how to make up your own dashboard. 
basically and in order to measure the swelling go of your activities you might be interested to track your indicators. 
And as mentioned previously, whatever your domain is, you have already and unconsciously define your own indicators, they could be focused on one , two or a dozaine, but at the end you have some, that need to be followed. 
From other side, to take the most advantage from an indicator you need to study its movement and here comes the role of a dashboard. 

Screen N°:I
This the final screenshot how your dashboard will look like, this pretty awesome right ? short but very tight

dashboard  nI

Screen N°:II
This is the background of each cells will be as below, only some simple calculation functions are needed and no programming skills are required.
To build up your dashboard, all what you need to do is create a similar sheet with the mentioned functions, add a little makeup through customizing options and you will have a greet dashboard as well!

dashboard  nII

Screen N°:III
At the end i associate each cell to a specific number, to make it easy for you when you may find difficulties somewhere in the above dashboard, just mention the related cell number and lets discuss it
This is almost a very generic dashboard, easy to be built so try to do by yourself, and even if your excel skills are not very large , notes that this is not important as this kind of dashboard requires only a very basic knowledge to excel: So start now.

dashboard  nIII

Even that the above dashboard looks very unique but remember whatever the indicators you need to follow all what you need to do is adding your your own and then adapt the view to your specific requirement.