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What we call by dashboards and how to build one ! ! enjoy this free lesson 2017

Learn all about dashboards, Excel , Access, Power BI...
In today tutorial, I will explain a little bit:  "dashboards".
Let’s go…
  •  What we call by dashboard?

Tape dashboard on Google images and you will get this result:


Awesomes, right? but are also very useful ! Is a sum of indicators grouped in one view allows to study trends of indicators’ evolutions. Dashboards aren’t master data and neither reports, they use master data and they generate reports.
  • Why are needed? 
Basically, we have a lot to monitor, as  may be a decrease is a good thing  for us  (in case of charges) or may be an increase is better ( in case of profits ), most of all what we are following depend  to each other so that why dashboards are here, it allows to simplifying views and indicators variation's analyze. 
  • What are the Ingredients? 
There is a lot of elements that make dashboard what it is , and that is connected to what the purpose is or to the user…etc. however, some ingredients cannot be ignored in whatever the kind of the DB is, and they are :  (Master Data, Indicator , Target, Timing, Reports, Action plan and charts )
  • How to make one ?
There is a lot to say in order to answer this question. Click here to get details. but you need to know that most of dashboards' makers use macros but that requires knowledge on development. here a good news:  there is a simple way to do it without macros; it can be done by templates !! 
  • What are the benefices?  
As they say, the best way to know the future is to create it, so dashboard allows to: shows the history, how levels are far from target, what are the variation up to? you can also use it to planify  the future or control timing...etc

PS: this only a small introduction to dashboards, in my future articles you will get  more details on how to create one in addition of some free exemples. 
Hope  you find something new while you are reading,anyway, please  let me know your impressions.