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use VLOOKUP - HLOOKUP functions Excel (part I ), enjoy this free lesson Excel 2017

Call VLOOKUP - HLOOKUP functions Excel

VLOOKUP is  a   research function based on vertical  parameters  (line  titles)   while HLOOKUP  is  the  same but with  parameters  positioned   horizontally (column titles).
  1. How to apply those functions?
To apply those   functions,   you have 2 options, 
  • The 1st :  you  need just to click  on  ‘fx’  icon  as  mentioned  below  - it  is  located  directly  under  the  main  menu.
           Then you select the function you are looking for, which is, in this tutorial ‘VLOOKUP or HLOOKUP’   option   through the below list then click “ok”.

  • The  2nd : Just  put the  cursor in  cell where you  want  result to be displayed in  and  write  ‘=VLOOKUP()’ or  ‘=HLOOKUP()’ as below.
  1. How to use it?
      To  explain more  how  you can  use those  functions, we  can apply the  below  example;  the  purpose  is  we  need to compare  our orders ( table:  orders ) with  what  we received physically (table : Receipt) and  finally  we  need to display result  in  one  table  called  Comparative.

each table is   created in a specific sheet called  as like this: 

So, put the cursor in cell D4 then apply the VLOOKUP function,then  you have to fill in the requested data as shown below. 
you need to start by identifing the parameter critaria wich is 'Product1' , you need to click on his location as below:

After that, you select the source of your data as below:

At the end, all the requested information have to be accomplished, in our example the result will be like below:

now if you click on this cell D5 again you find the below function beside Excel brought the value you are looking for
At the end, you have to do the same for all other cell,  in order to accomplish all your table.