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Make a drop down list with Excel ! ! enjoy this free lesson Excel 2017

Make a drop down list with Excel:
The exercise we  are  making here  is  related to  optimizing   time while  filling in cells ! 
Take  for  example the below  table: 
Drop down list 1

We  supposeed  that based on  some other  data  we  can   figure  out ,  for  each  product from the above list,   the  class  he  belong to, so  the  issue here  is  we need  to avoid  taping  those  Class’s  name to  save  time in this  case  (  but  for other  cases this  could  be needed  to face off   a limited    option’s  listed    by other  external  element , source or  actors).

Drop down list 2

Anyway the  result  we are  looking  for  is  when  you select  any cells  from  column  “Class”  you get  this result: 

To do  that you need to  follow  the below  steps:
Drop down list 3
  • Create   the  option  list  in case  you  don’t have  one. Like  this one ,  you  can  put it  in the  same  sheet  where  the  you need to see the result  while  you can  put if  in other  sheet or  even in  a  different  workbook.

    Drop down list 4

  • Select  the  cells  where  you need the  option  list  to be in; for  our  case  that  should  the column  “Class”, without  including  the  title’s  Cells.

  •  From  Ribbon ,  select  ‘Data Validation’  from  Data  Menu,  you will  get  a  box  called: “Data validation “ ->  select  ‘List’  for  “Allow’s  list “  -> tape  or  select  your  list  of  option  or just   put its   details  on  “source’s Cell”  then  click  “ok”
Drop down list 5

The box has to be fixed as the below one, but only for this exercice. ( you can try other option but the result will not be the same).

Drop down list 6

Drop down list 8

Once  this  is  done,  each time  you select  a  cells  from  column’s  Class you  will  have  a  list  of  option  as in this one.

Thanks for reading and try it by yourself. i will be glad to see your comments.