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Get started with pivot-table reports in excel and learn how to make one ! enjoy this free lesson Excel 2017

All what you need to know about pivot-table in Excel
Pivot table is one of the best Excel's amazing options, it helps users  to  summarize  data from  one or more source.
Pivot table is located    under menu -> insert -> table -> pivot table.

Or you can just apply it by taping  : Alt , N ,  V, T.

in order to use it you need to specify your data and for that you have two options: You  can  select table  source ( where  the data  you need to analyze)   before or  you can just  call  Pivot table and  then there tow thing to do:  
  1. enter your  table  source details.
  2. enter where you need to see result.

Once you click on “ok", you will get the same table as below, at the right: the pivot table Field parameters, at the left: your report where you can see result. So basically whatever you do in the right you will see effects at the right; you can study the below tow cases to understand more: 

One last thing: if you take a look once again to the report you will notice that the column are named "Sum of ..." which means that the function you requested to Excel is the sum of the column contents, and you can choose any other option you want via “Value Field Settings”, you have just to follow the below steps to select the type of calculation.

Hope this article was useful, please don’t hesitate to keep comments or ask question if there is anything that needs  more clarification.