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Learn all about clipboard in Excel! enjoy this free lesson Excel 2017

Discover : clipboard-how to use it.
Today’s  tip  is related to   Clipboard,

The  below  example is  to  explain  as well as  possible  the logic  behind this  option.
This is  all  about  cut/Copy  and  paste : the  clipboard  helps  to  copy  and  paste  multiple  data  from  different  sources including other  sheets ,  workboxes and  even  from  other  software like ( Word , Access…your  desktop and  more …),  the  clipboard  capacity  can  hold  at  maximum  24 elements.

Check the below tables: Assuming you  need  to  fill in  the table 2 starting  from table 1 based  on what  the table 2 columns’ say. Before and   as  you know  there  is   several  ways to do it  but   for  complexes manipulation the Clipboard  is the  best.

for our exemple we buit the below tow tables : 

The  result  we  are looking  for  is this:    

To call  this  option  you  need to  follow  the below steps:

  • Step 1:  Click  the  small  flesh  from  ribbon  - > Home  - >  Clipboard. And  this will  activate its  function  as well.     

  • Step 2: Select  what  you need to copy  and  copy it  separately - > in the  same  time  you  will  see  the  copied  elements  being  added  to  the  Clipboard’s  list.
  • Step 3: Select the  cell  where  you need  to  see  result  and  then  click  on  the  element  you  need to paste from  Clipboard’s  list.
as below:   
  • Step 4: Once this is done  you  are  able  to  paste all  or  clear  the Clipboard’s  list.  Via  the  button "Paste All" and "Clear All".
Bonus :   you can  create  a shortcut  to  call  clipboard every time  you  need it – for  that  you need to tick as  shown  below  on option  elements. Then  you will be  able  to  activate  clipboard by  taping  “ Ctrl + C”  2 times.

Thanks for reading and try it by yourself. Will be glad to see your comments.