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Make Charts and graphs on Excel ! enjoy this free lesson Excel 2017

How to make amazing and simple charts and graphs with Excel !
Charts: are  the   best  way  to customize your  report,  they  add  value to  your work  and  they    help  to  make  reports  easy to be analyzed.

To  apply  charts  you need to  check the  “Insert” menu  in  the main   ribbon then you can see  the  charts section.

To insert   charts on  your  report,   you  need to follow  the  below  steps:
1.       Select  your  table  ( which  contains  your data).
2.       Click “ insert”
3.       Select  the type of chart  as shown in  the below  print scream.

Once this  is done,  you  will  get  the below  chart :  ( in this  example we selected :  clustered  column )

Remember, at any  time  you  can modify  the  look  of  your  chart ,  and  to  get this  option,  all what  you need to  do  is  a double click  on  your  chart  then  you  get  a  new  menu at the ribbon  called “Design”: 

This  menu  gives  you  more  options related to  form  and  content  of  your chart,  in  our  example  we  made some  changes  on “chart  layout”, “the charts  type”  …etc.(  see below   the  result.)

You  have also  some  other  options,  you  can have  access to  it  by  clicking  right  on your  mouse   then  you  get  the below  windows.
I  let  you check  by  yourself- to  see  what  happen J

Hope this article was useful, please don’t hesitate to keep comments or ask question if there is anything that needs  more clarification.