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Before starting Excel-what you need to know ! enjoy this free lesson Excel 2017

The basics you should know before using Excel! 
As well as for most all other software, there are some basic knowledges you should have before, in order to ensure a better starting with Excel.

before starting i wanted to advice you that the below praint screans were taken over than a 2007's version setted up with frensh parameters, but whatever the language is, Excel keep the same looks and Icons :)
  • Where you find Excel under Windows:
  • Icons of Excel are different from version to another, you can see below its evolution,  but even that Excel keep always the green color and the big letter "X" so wherever you find those tow symbols that should be Excel.
  • Once you open a new workbook ( ex: 2007'), here how the result will be like, (Remember: the dad is called a 'workbook' and daughters are the 'sheets') :

  • Main menu on Excel called the Ribbon : is very useful to have a deep look to it, its contains a thousand of options :
  • The second stuff you need to know,   is located at the bottom and allows to move into the sheets, between sheets and more option like that :

Excel is big world for discovery, keep learning and leave your comment if you like or you saw that i forgot to mention something, can’t wait to read and answer it.